For Everything

“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens” Ecclesiastes 3:1 NIV

Hello Beloved,

It’s been a season.

I imagine the same for you.

When life shifts, uncertainty surfaces.

Doesn’t it?

That’s what happened with me.

The crazy season called “pandemic” led this girl to much ponder.

All that ponder paved the way for “what’s up” wonder.

And doubt…oh yeahhhh…a plethora of pesky purpose-less doubt.

Finally, I decided to have a convo with my Heavenly Father about all the junk that was swirling within me.

(PS – He already knew it was there.)

“What are your plans for me, God?”

“Am I suppose to keep writing?”

“Do my words matter?”

Or…what I really wanted to know…

“Do. I. Matter?”

Surrender prayers can surface into unexpected perspective.

Well, I’m tickled to tell you I am still writing!

Did He tell me this audibly over coffee and a donut?

Man, I wish.

Instead, I’m stepping out in faith, friend.

Just like you.

Cause we gotta keep on keepin’ on

when our situation seems as endless as the sea.

when we can’t see through our mess to His marvel.

when praying words seem to disappear in the wind.

when wallowing in our will is easier than trusting His.

When our faith collides with His faithfulness, our fears fade into His love.

Right on.

So, I have some joyful news (and lots of awesome links) below!

I wrote a devotional and it’s included in a book with 43 other hope-filled devos through Proverbs 31 Ministries. I’d love for you to check it out here:

I partnered with some amazing peeps at Market Refined Media ( to refresh my website. You’ll find both blog posts (stories) and poems & ponder (dittys) on my site now. I’m excited to hear your thoughts!

I’ll be showing up more often in my subscribers mailboxes too, blogging once a month. I’ll also be sharing poems & ponder once or twice a week, like this:

Plus, later this month, subscribers will begin receiving my monthly newsletter called “Wander in HIS Wonder.” For those who want to subscribe now, there’s a little joy download waiting for you:


All this cool stuff comes with big ole heart hugs from me to you, dear one.

Thank you so much for being here.

Whether you’ve been a longtime follower of my ministry or are just passing through, thank you.

Whether you pray for me or ponder my words for His hallelujah, I am beyond grateful.

You encourage me. For real.

Sweet friend, whatever is happening in this season of your life, God sees you.

You are not alone.

He is still speaking, even in the loudest silence.

He is still working, even in the stayin’ awake worries and what-if’s.

He is still there, still here, in every changing season of our lives.

We are loved by LOVE.

For everything, He is enough. XOXO

May this song scatter hope in your season and remind us all “He’s got the whole world in His hands.” XOXO

Spread your joy,



  1. Don’t you dare quit sharing your beautiful encouraging words. And if it helps I have been having the same conversation with God myself. I’m still writing in faith too, friend.

    1. Oh Susan, your precious words of encouragement mean so much to me. Big thank you hugs! Linking arms of faith and love with you, sister! ❤️

  2. Your words and thoughts are like music to my ears gf ! You are the epitome of a beautiful soul …. So glad you are my awesome friend ❣️ Love all of the encouragement from you (not to mention all of the fun things you send me from our past days of youth that you’ve amazingly … held onto )

    Love you XOXO. Ja’ma Jill

    1. Oh Jama Jill, soooo grateful God brought two little neighbor girls together as sisters all those years ago! Thanks for your encouragement and love always. I adore you, my awesome JJ! XOXO ❤️

  3. “When our faith collides with His faithfulness, our fears fade into His love.” ❤️

    Thank you, Sis, for sharing your thoughts. Me too. With you! Proud of you. I always look forward to reading your words of encouragement and reminders of our Father’s love.

    Love you!

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